Rumors were doing the rounds that DeMarcus Cousins is being traded to the Boston Celtics. According to NESN the Sacramento Kings are an absolute mess right now and haven’t had the start to the 2015-16 NBA Season that they had originally hoped for.

But things have changed pretty quickly now as the Miami Heat are planning to pursue the enigmatic big man, Cousins, and possible swap with Hassan Whiteside remains an option for the three time NBA Champions, notes Yibida.

According to recent reports, nothing is going right within the Kings, especially between the Kings’ Star player DeMarcus Cousins and their head coach George Karl. “DeMarcus Cousins delivered an expletive-laden tirade toward head coach George Karl after the Kings’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Monday,” as per NESN reports.

Karl is about to lose his job and if reports are to be believed, Cousins is also making his way out.

On the other hand, quotes Yibida, “An NBA trade proposal recently emerged involving the move of Brooklyn Nets’ highly-paid superstar Joe Johnson to the Los Angeles Clippers as speculations are also abuzz that Doc Rivers regrets trading Matt Barnes for Lance Stephenson.”

Sources also suggest that Johnson’s “$24.9 million salary makes trading him incredibly difficult.” According to NBA writer Ben Golliver, “If Brooklyn pushes through with a buyout then expect Doc Rivers and the Clippers to be the first team knocking on Johnson’s front door as it is a clean marriage of convenience.”

The 25-year-old Stephenson did start a few games but his role has been declining ever since. He is spending his time in the reserve bench and Rivers remains unsure about his future prospects.

When Rivers was asked by reporters about Stephenson’s declining use in his lineup,he replied, “He will (help us). Just not right now.”

There is no official word in the trading options. We have to wait and see how things unfold in the future.