Rumors are doing the rounds that DeMarcus Cousins is being traded to the Boston Celtics. According to NESN the Sacramento Kings are an absolute mess right now and haven’t had the start to the 2015-16 NBA Season that they had originally hoped for.

According to recent reports, nothing is going right within the team, especially between the Kings’ Star player DeMarcus Cousins and their head coach George Karl. “DeMarcus Cousins delivered an expletive-laden tirade toward head coach George Karl after the Kings’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Monday,” asper NESN reports.

Karl is about to lose his job and if reports are to be believed, Cousins is also making his way out. However, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge replied with a vague opinion about Cousin’s possible trade with the Celtics.

“Listen, everyone knows who you’re talking about,” Ainge exclaims. “The bottom line is, I can’t talk about any players. I can assure you we’re familiar with every player in the league, their background and their character. We consider all, but I can’t talk about other players on other teams.”

Ainge further states, “As the season goes on, not many things happen in the NBA. It’s rare, I think most things don’t happen, or start happening, (before) the mid-December (period) until mid-February. It’s really early in the season for anybody to get too excited about too much.”

According to All About Rookies Sports Blog, the Sacramento Kings started their NBA 2015-16 campaign on a more positive note. They did get some new signings for the season and there was a hint of optimism in the team, file reports.

Many people still believe that the Kings can go through up til the Playoffs this season.  But the tension that exploded between Cousins and the head coach did a pretty good damage to the team moral. The other players weren’t so happy with such an attitude coming from their star player.