NBA trade deadline is closing in with only few hours to spare. The big teams have rolled up their sleeves and are ready to play the game of shopping for new names. With the incalculable budget in hand, the teams have revealed their favourite picks for the upcoming season.

The NBA trade kicked off with The Detroit Pistons, and Charlotte Hornets. Scorer Tobias Harris has been obtained from Orlando by the Pistons in exchange for Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova. Meanwhile Hornets shopped in Courtney Lee from Memphis. For this, they had to send Brian Roberts to the Heats, and Chris Andersen to the Grizzlies. Lee will be playing in place of Hornets’ injured forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

These two teams have opened up the pathway for the favourite foursome. These foursome consists of the defending champion Golden State Warriors, Spurs, Cavaliers, and Thunder. It is also believed that Spurs, Cavaliers, and Thunder are the top favourites in challenging the defending champion, and have a scope of winning the title. This saying, the teams outside the foursome circle may have to be tactful in choosing their players this season, if they want to aim for the title.

The Detroit Pistons has made a smart move. Obtaining Harris is one of the wisest decisions because with the three years deal, they have got enough time on hands to progress with the team.

With the NBA trade deadline looming in shortly, here are some of the key teams to watch for.

Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets had a disappointing season, and they will be looking forward to signing in Dwight Howard, whose game style will compliment the ball-dominant guard, James Hardep. It is only a matter of few hours that will see what GM Daryl Morey comes up with.

Los Angeles Clippers

Clippers have been witnessing some drama in this season. It all started off with their star forward, Blake Griffin, thwacking an assistant equipment manager. As a result, he was suspended from Clippers. On top of that, he is suffering from a quad injury. Despite all these, GM Doc Rivers sounds uninterested in exchanging Griffin for any other players. But he sounds interested in improving his side.

Atlanta Hawks

Hawks are having a decent season with a record of 31- 24 on their score board. To get in rhythm in their competition with rivals Cleveland and Toronto, they seem keen on breaking up with star players like Al Horford, and Jeff Teague.

Miami Heat

Miami Heat’s star, Chris Bosh may again miss out this season since he has started taking blood thinner to treat his blood clot. With the unpredictability encircling him, Heat has to look out for ways to shop in someone new, or to somehow support Dwayne Wade and Goran Dragic, who are over 30 years old.

As far as the latest update goes, The Cavaliers have suggested their reserve centre Anderson Varejao to the Magic in exchange for the star-experienced Channing Frye. The Clippers are also targeting Frye.