Is a potential problem in the horizon for the Miami Heat that involves key player Chris Bosh leaving the team?

Good news for Miami Heat fans: that idea is just a bit far-fetched as it could be. However, this does not negate the fact that the team do not have other problems to deal with.

Christian Today takes note of the hurdles the Heat had to endure in the previous season including LeBron James’ return to Ohio as well as Bosh and Dwyane Wade going down with injuries. The website attributes these problems on why the team was not able to make it to the NBA playoffs last season. However, the article does not miss the fact that the Miami Heat appears to be doing better this season.

One reason for the team’s better performance this season may be because of the players’ improvement on getting a stable footing on their three-pointers.

In a report by the Sun Sentinel, the Heat’s improvement in its three-point performance can be emphasized.

The website details that the team ranks 25th in NBA’s overall three-point shooting. However, from their past five games, the Miami Heat has been ranked fourth in the the category.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has also viewed the three-point trend as a positive look for his team. The Sun Sentinel quotes Spoelstra in saying:

“Our guys have been getting good looks. I’ve been fine with the 3-point looks all season long.”

Meanwhile, Heat star Dwyane Wade also takes note of Chris Bosh, Luol Deng, and Gerald Green as his go-to guys when banking on three-pointers. Wade was quoted by the Sun Sentinel in saying:

“The good thing is guys are continuing to shoot ’em. Lu is a good 3-point shooter. Gerald is a great 3-point shooter. Chris as well. It’s a long season. So guys are going to go through times where they’re not making as many. And then you’re going to go through times when you’re making more than your fair share.”

It remains to be seen how the Heat will perform for the rest of the season.

The team is set to face the New Orleans Pelicans next on December 25 after it battles with the Detroit Pistons.