Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly one of the biggest star in the NBA fraternity. His popularity was evident in the All-Star voting results. There was an overwhelming fan support as they voted for him almost 1.9 million times, the most among all players.

Playing for the West, the all-time star Bryant was elected to play along side Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, Thunder swingman Kevin Durant and San Antonio Spurs wing Kawhi Leonard.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver commented on his impact as a global ambassador of the sport. He stated, ”From a personal standpoint, I’ve watched his game since the day he came into this league.”

“I don’t think there is any doubt that he’ll go down as one of the greatest players ever to play this game.”

“I’d say from a global impact, in addition to being a great player, I think because he was raised for much of his childhood in Italy, because he speaks several languages, I think because he was particularly interested in learning about other cultures, I think that he’s had almost — in addition to being a great player, he’s punched way above his weight in terms of the impact he’s had on the global expansion of the NBA.”

According to Chron, Bryant answered questions in English, Italian, as well as Spanish. He even received gifts from Media members.

Although, he received a lot of gifts during his farewell tour, his most favourite gift ought to be Michael Jordan’s special gift.

The USA Today wrote that after Bryant attended Jordan Brand Party on Friday night, Jordan has reserved every pair of Jordan line shoes from I to XXX as a farewell gift for him.

What more could he ask for? Jordan Brand President Larry Miller presented the shoes to Bryant and he was absolutely overwhelmed by the gesture. The source quoted, “The set included multiple pairs of shoes that Bryant eagerly wanted to acquire as a youngster.”

“(Michael Jordan) and I have had such a beautiful relationship since I first came into the league, and he’s really been a big brother to me really throughout this entire journey,” Bryant said. “I told him, ‘You have no idea how much I worked to try to find a pair of these shoes when I was in high-school.’ Now I have the whole collection, which is pretty sweet.”