Kevin Durant’s decision to switch teams from Oklahoma City Thunder to Golden State Warriors rattled the NBA rumors mill. The move also started NBA rumors for Russell Westbrook’s own trade. As Oklahoma City Thunder lost Kevin Durant for nothing, fans and spectators alike theorized that OKC might trade Westbrook before their elite player leaves them next season on free agency basis. Now that the NBA rumors are on full blast for Westbrook, here are the four best scenarios for him.

LA Lakers

Going home in the offseason trading is an attractive option for Westbrook. He grew up in Los Angeles and  played for UCLA before being drafted and picked for the NBA.  After the LA Lakers lost their bid for Kevin Durant, they are now looking at an equally attractive player to headline their new roster of young blood for the NBA. After Kobe Bryant’s retirement, the team can definitely use an elite player to headline their team and put them back on top of the NBA echelon.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics is on an acquiring spree. From signing veteran Al Horford for their defense to eyeing Blake Griffin to further bolster their team, the Celtics are looking at the entire NBA trading platform. The Celtics has already started with NBA Draft no. 3 pick Jaylen Brown and controversial big man Ante Zizic from the European league.

Denver Nuggets

NBA trade rumors are circulating that Westbrook’s final destination is the Denver Nuggets. Russell Westbrook will see his name at the top of the Denver Nuggets’ rebuilt team. Denver also looks to be the richest bidder and will be able to offer Westbrook the highest offer for a multi-year contract, Morning Ledger reports.

Cleveland Cavaliers

With Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors in a quest to grab a championship title, Russell Westbrook will have more motivation to consider the Cleveland Cavaliers as his next home team for the 2016-2017 season. While the Cavaliers may have to risk losing Kevin Love in the trade, nothing fuels a great basketball game than seeing two former teammates play ball against each other in their new home teams. If Westbrook does indeed go to the Cavaliers and the NBA finals will be a three-peat face-off between the two teams, OKC fans might be heartbroken to see the two players go against each other.