The OKC star Russell Westbrook has been the subject of NBA rumors since Kevin Durant left. But despite struggles, Westbrook chose to sign a three-year contract with the team.

Recently, there have been reports that the 28-year old point guard has problems with his team despite their 11-8 standing.  Apparently, HNGN reports that the New York Knicks offered the player to play with them before the 2016-17 season but he opted to stay with OKC.

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony had high hopes with Westbrook joining their team but he totally understood him for saying no. “He wanted to be the leader of that team, regardless of if KD came back or not. He wanted that moment,” Melo said.

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Westbrook chose OKC over anyone because he wanted to show his loyalty to his team and prove that even without KD on his side, he can lead the team. It seems that OKC has no plans in trading the point guard instead find someone who could help Westbrook.

Recently, reports that Michael Jordan praised the 28-year old for his passion for the game of basketball. The NBA all-star also admitted that he is a fan of Westbrook. “When I watch him play, I see a lot of resemblance of his passion for the game of basketball, the way I played the game of basketball,” Jordan said.

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Jordan was so proud of Westbrook when he chose to stay in Oklahoma despite big offers and opportunities. In return, the point guard had payed so much respect for the current Charlotte Hornets owner.

Furthermore, aside from New York Knicks, Russ is also rumored to transfer to his hometown Los Angeles. But seemingly dedicated and passionate, he is focusing his future with OKC.