NBA rumors are centered on Mike Dunleavy leaving Chicago Bulls for Cleveland Cavaliers. This is after Dwyane Wade chose Chicago Bulls as his next home team.

After Dwyane Wade signed up for a $47.5 million (AU $63 million) with Chicago Bulls, the team will need to stave off players to meet their salary cap. As Dunleavy moves to the Cavaliers, it’ll give Bulls $10 million (AU $13 million) more in their salary allowance which goes straight to Wade’s paycheck. The Bulls also gave up Jose Calderon to Los Angeles Lakers. This gives the team a total of $12 million (AU $15 million) free for Wade’s paycheck.

Meanwhile, the 35-year old shooting guard need not feel insulted with his move. NBA rumors have it that team captain LeBron James supports the move. ESPN further notes that James has always wanted to play alongside Dunleavy.

The shooting guard has had back injuries which barred him for 49 games last season. Despite this, Dunleavy expects to be back in the game and provide contributions to the Cavaliers.

Being noticed by the NBA MVP despite his injuries, Dunleavy should be flattered. Despite the worst season he has had based on statistics alone, there is still promise in the shooting guard veteran. Spanning a 15-year basketball career, Dunleavy has averaged 11.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 2.3 assists for his appearance.

Meanwhile, his worst record last season is still impressive with 7.2 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 1.3 assist for each game. Despite the bad record gained in the 2015-2016 season with only 31 appearances, Dunleavy is still optimistic about his future.

From playing defense to setting screens and helping his team in any way, Dunleavy has expressed willingness to contribute.

Aside from the nifty moves for Wade’s sake, one is left to wonder whether LeBron James has orchestrated it all. In order to help his superfriend Dwyane Wade, trades went smoothly freeing Bulls to sign Wade.

After staying with Miami Heat for a total of 13 seasons, Dwyane Wade has finally made the jump and left for Chicago Bulls. Meanwhile, as he goes to Bulls, LeBron James through Cavaliers helped clear the path and salary cap while taking on injury-afflicted Mike Dunleavy.