The Cleveland Cavaliers have been quiet on the NBA rumors but it seems that they are now considering a trade. Rumors have it the Cavs are planning to acquire Mario Chalmers.

Memphis Grizzlies point guard Chalmers is still a free agent and he’s looking for a team to play with. Meanwhile, the Inquisitr reports that the NBA previous champions are looking for a veteran back-up point guard for Kyrie Irving. From how it looks, Chalmers is a perfect trade.

Aside from finding a back-up, the Cavs are also in search for a player to team up with Lebron James. The 30-year-old point guard is also a former Miami Heat, and the two could reunite in the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many believe it could be a perfect match.

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The trading could possibly happen in January before the deadline. Chalmers revealed that he could see himself playing for the title contenders. “Right now, I can pretty much do everything. I’ve been on the court the last two, three months just working on getting back. I’m back to sprinting, running and jumping,” Chalmers said.

He has played four NBA finals with Miami Heat and he’s positive that he could bring a lot of numbers to the team. Moreover, Hoops Habit reports that there is one condition to push through with the trade, namely, Chalmers has to prove that he is healthy.

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The point guard is recovering from a torn Achilles he got last season but he is all well now and he is targeting a clearance for full basketball activity.

Along with health conditions, if Chalmers decides to sign a deal with the Cavs, he must agree to receive a league minimum salary or a much closer amount to it. To top it all, he is the only player fit for the veteran back-up.