In a recent interview, LeBron James revealed the one person who can make him play for Team USA in the next Olympics. Will this person also be the reason for another move in his NBA career? Will James be with another team than the Cleveland Cavaliers come his retirement? We clarify one of today’s NBA rumors right here.

Jeff Zilgitt of USA Today Sports revealed that James named Gregg Popovich the greatest NBA coach of all time.

The source quotes James in saying, “First off all Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski] and Gregg Popovich are two my favorites of all time. To be able to play for Coach K in the Olympics and world championships and to be able to go against Coach Pop in the NBA, it would be a treat. Obviously my body has to continue to be in the form that it is today four years from now.”

The next Olympics happens in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. By then, James turns 35 so he is right in saying that his physical strength need to be at par with what he has today.

NBA Rumors – James to Spurs?

While James’ statement leaves the door wide open for his Olympic return, does it also have a hidden message buried deep within it? Perhaps, something like him moving to another team before he retires?

It seems highly unlikely. Of course, saying Popovich is the greatest coach of all time is a natural statement to let out. Still, it opens up an interesting line of questioning.

Considering James praise for Coach Popovich, will he be willing to play for him not only in the Olympics, but within the bounds of the NBA? It’s hard to tell. The idea is very far-fetched. In addition, basketball fans would probably scoff at the idea.

Nevertheless, anything is possible. In fact, Popovich himself returns James’ admiration.

The same article from USA Today Sports relays what the Spurs coach had to say about James. According to the source, Popovich called James a great player with a great heart. He went on to say that James “knows a lot more of about what he’s doing” than other players in the field.

Still, this is simply one of the many NBA rumors going around. For more news on the NBA, check back with us.