Are the New York Knicks fed up with Joakim Noah and his injury troubles? Reports suggest that the team is looking into dropping him in favor of Greg Monroe of the Milwaukee Bucks.

According to CSN, the New York Knicks are not done with the transfer deals that they intend to make during the current window. In a battle between Joakim Noah and Greg Monroe, the latter proves to be able to bring better and more defensive skills.

These speculations are dependent on how the Knicks will start their season. If things do not work well for Noah, he could be facing the exit door. The success of his pairing with Derrick Rose will also play a big role in determining his fate. If they do not create good results together, he will likely be booted out.

Monroe had already previously refused an offer from the New York Knicks before he signed for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2015 as a free agent. The Knicks have renewed their interest in the player after Noah’s injury issues. While Monroe has continued to play at the top of his game, CBS Sports reports that he is the unfortunate victim of the entire team’s poor performance. The Bucks finished well outside of the Eastern Conference Playoffs last season, and Monroe’s contract has been under the microscope.

He has fallen down the ranks in the starting lineup, and has been spending less and less time on court. That being said, it is a major possibility that the Bucks will be looking to unload. If the New York Knicks are indeed interested, a straight out swap for Noah is in the cards. The Pelicans have also been thrown into the mix of potential new employers. It remains to be seen what happens next, as the game of musical chairs continues to play during the transfer window.