Former Miami Heat star player, Dwyane Wade signed a new contract to join the Chicago Bulls in July. It was a dream come true for him, as it was the Bulls who inspired him to pursue his goal of becoming a basketball player at an  early age. But is it true that Wade is having problems adjusting with his new team?

In a report by CSN Chicago, Wade had to adjust to his body to his new city even to his social conscience that he’s having since signing a contract with the Bulls last July. According to some sources, it was hard for Wade to leave Miami, he couldn’t sleep or eat resulting to his weight loss for about 5 to 10 pounds.

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In an interview with ESPN during the Bulls’ media day on Monday, Wade said, “It’s really not the jersey. It’s the same material, so it feels the same.”

He added, “It’s a different environment. I was somewhere for so long, I knew where to go, I can walk backward and get anywhere I want to go. It’s just different, but different is not a bad thing. It’s been cool. I’m like the new kid in class. I’ve gotta find my one friend to talk to before I can get more friends, but I’m figuring it all out. Like I said, I’m happy to be here. At this time in my career, this is where I want to be.”

However, it was not just Dwyane Wade who was adjusting, it was also the Bulls team. Having Wade in their team is a pleasure to them, especially that most of the players in the team are young, Wade who is 34, will help the team improve more.

It was not an easy decision for Dwyane Wade but for him, he made the right choice. But his transfer is like living his dream of getting to wear the jersey he once dreamt of wearing while growing up.

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