Ray Allen is seriously considering an NBA comeback. He reportedly deems himself fit enough to play, and is already in talks with the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Allen shared with the Courant that he’s been keeping himself fit enough for an NBA comeback. Not only was he still able to go through paces of his rigorous training regimen while he was still an active pro, he says that he actually still feels great after training.

“I was shooting, I was going through my routine just like I’d always done. Yeah, I was a little winded, but I was able to go through my routine like I’d always gone though my routine and I didn’t feel like I’d missed any time in doing what I was doing,” he said.

The 41-year-old former NBA All Star player has already been out of the league for 2 years. However, he maintains that he didn’t let himself go. He claims that he weighs the same as he did back when he was a budding star in the University of Connecticut. He credits this to the fact that he never stopped his training and physical conditioning.

The question remains if he will be making a real comeback and with which team will he play? NESN reveals that his former team, the Boston Celtics, is one of his options. After all, he won the 2008 NBA Championship with them.

Another team that he is reportedly considering is the Milwaukee Bucks. It was the Bucks who gave him his first taste of the NBA some 20 years ago. Allen explains that he’s already won championships. He is not coming back to the “championship or bust” scenario.

He is already Ray Allen, a 10-time NBA All Star. The star claims to see himself now more as a mentor to the younger talents in the team.