Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors did not make it to Game 2 due to the ankle injury he sustained in Game 1.

His team waited before finalizing this decision after he unexpectedly left the court on their pregame warm-up of Game 2.

New York Times reported that despite Curry’s absence, the Warriors still won against the Houston Rockets, 115-106. However, the fans and the teammates all know that they needed him back to on the floor.

It was just a few seasons ago when Curry became one of the most exciting players in the NBA but his weak ankles are also not a secret. As of now, the extent of the injury is still unknown, although it appeared that the former MVP walked out of the arena without observable discomfort.

Coach Steve Kerr said that Curry did not aggravate his injured ankle but he tried to check how it felt and it felt tender. The exact injury is also unclear and other say it could be a “sprain” or “tweak.” Kerr said that he’s not sure but it’s under Curry’s ankle.

Curry seems to have twisted his right ankle in the second quarter of the first game against the Rockets. He played for almost three minutes before his head coach pulled him from the game.

Kerr explained that he did not like how Curry was moving when he returned to the game. Seeing that the Warriors’ victory was obvious at 104-78, Kerr thought Curry can take a rest.

According to ESPN, Kerr said that Curry understands they only have the best of his interests – his career.

“We know that he had surgery on that ankle four years ago. He’s got a lot of basketball ahead of him, and there’s plenty of cases in the past where people played through stuff and it didn’t turn out so well.”

Kerr said that it is not worthy letting Curry play and risk his injury becoming a bigger issue.