There’s a huge brand new store on Fifth Avenue! NBA and Fanatic have decided to take things to a whole new level after they opened an NBA store in Manhattan.

If reports are to believed, NBA opened the store just a few blocks from where it was supposed to open in the first place nearly four and a half years ago. Sources state that NBA postponed their plans owing to excessive rent.

As per ESPN reports, the 25,000-square-foot store is owned and operated by the league’s online partner Fanatics. Apparently, the store “has jerseys and gear plus interactive spaces, including a player hand-size wall and an area where a fan can personalize a jersey with their name and number and walk out with it 15 minutes later.”

The growth has been exceptional for NBA. Sal LaRocca, the NBA’s president of global operations and merchandising states, “Driven by the likes of Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, the league is expecting yet another record year in sales.”

“There are 35,000 individual pieces of merchandise, including a 40-foot-long wall that can display up to 250 pairs of shoes to be sold. The pieces of merchandise available will eventually be expanded to up to 75,000, according to Fanatics.”

ESPN also states that the NBA-Licensed merchandise sales are being projected at a 15 percent bump. Last year the sales recorded an 11 percent bump.

“Popular players have come and gone,” LaRocca said. “We had three weeks of Jeremy Lin, we had Michael Jordan and we had LeBron going back to Cleveland. But to see what Steph Curry and the Warriors have done in this marketplace in the last 12 months has been crazy.”

Fanatics data also revealed that Stephen Curry’s jersey has been the best selling of all since march this year and is one of the best in 46-states.

The goal is to carry the sales forward and growth of the brand. The phenomenal success has been satisfying for NBA. The first ever store on the Fifth Avenue was inaugurated in 1998. It operated in a smaller location from 2011-2015 elsewhere on the Avenue.