The latest NBA news state that the Baylor Bears center Isaiah Austin is finally ready the NBA.

Four days before the 2014 NBA draft, the 23-year-old player found out about his Marfan syndrome. Unfortunately, he had to stop from playing but he still hoped to reach for his dreams. Fortunately, in a report by SB Nation, the big man has been medically cleared.

Austin struggled with Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic heart condition, for two years. On Wednesday, the seven-foot player announced his much awaited come back on an interview with Cassy Athena in Thru The Lens. He shared that he is slowly recovering.

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He also expressed how happy he is to be able to pursue his dreams again. “So I’m able to make the choice if I want to go back and pursue my dream again. I am cleared. I am about to be out here pursuing my dream,” Austin said.

The former Baylor center will do anything to make his dream a reality. However, Bleacher Report shares that where and what team Austin will play for remains unknown. He still has to convince the NBA medical staff that there is zero possibility of an adverse cardiac incident if he plays.

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Aside from his health condition, the 23-year-old must also prove that he is worthy to play in the NBA even after almost two years away from competitive ball. However, with Austin’s size, length, mobility, shooting skills and touch, he will surely get the chance.

During his time with Baylor, Austin averaged 31 percent from the college 3-point line on 2.1 attempts per game over two seasons, which makes him an intriguing prospect. It will be a big challenge for him, but either way, he’s ready to face it all for his dream.