NBA star Derrick Rose has had an interesting off-season. He’s been traded to the New York Knicks from the Chicago Bulls, and he’s also gearing up to face a court date for a year-old gang rape case. Here are some key points to know before the trial takes place on Oct 4.

The Case

As narrated by Think Progress, the alleged gang rape occurred in the early morning of August 27, 2013. The incident reportedly took place while the accuser was unconscious in her apartment in Los Angeles. The complaint was filed only on August 26, 2015, two years after the alleged incident.

The Defendants

Apart from Derrick Rose, two other men were accused of raping the same woman. The men in question are Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, two of the basketball player’s closest friends.

Who is the Plaintiff?

In the media, the accuser only goes by Jane Doe, a common pseudonym used for anonymous individuals. While Rose and his camp are aware of the woman’s identity, the accusation of rape protects her privacy.

The Facts

It was established that Derrick Rose and Jane Doe met in 2011, and carried on a non-exclusive sexual relationship. On the night in question, Jane Doe and a friend named Jessica Groff were picked up by Rose’s car, and were brought to his Beverly Hills rental home. A party ensued and alcohol was reportedly consumed.

Later that evening, the two women went to their respective homes. Rose, Hampton and Allen went to Jane Doe’s apartment

The Conflict

At this point, the stories begin to differ. Jane Doe claims that she was unconscious the entire time and did not consent to sexual activity with any of the three men. The accused however, all admit to the sexual activity, but maintain that it was consensual.

Jane Doe is suing for damages while Rose and his friends have been attempting to prove that this is a mere case of extortion.  

The case goes on trial in October, and it remains to be seen if Derrick Rose will emerge unscathed.