The NBA Finals left fans with an overwhelming high after a rather surprising performance by the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, another event is on the horizon which is sure to grab their attention. In spirit of the upcoming NBA draft, we round up some of the offered NBA Mock Draft 2016.

In an article by CBS Sports, LSU’s Ben Simmons being top pick is most likely a sure thing come Thursday’s draft. According to the report, Simmons’ agreement to meet with the Philadephia 76ers just about sealed his position. Second to Simmons, the site also projects that Brandon Ingram would be second to the LSU player. If he indeed lands the second pick, the Duke University player goes to the Los Angeles Lakers.

CBS Sports, meanwhile, rounds up their NBA Mock Draft 2016 with following names as part of the top 10 picks: Jamal Murray to the Boston Celtics, Dragan Bender to the Phoenix Suns, Buddy Hield to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kris Dunn to the New Orleans Pelicans, Marquese Chriss to the Denver Nuggets, Jaylen Brown to Sacramento Kings, Henry Ellenson to Toronto Raptors, and Jakob Poeltl to the Milwaukee Bucks.

However, although Ben Simmons have been quite projected as a sealed deal for the Sixers, Scott Howard-Cooper from offers a slightly different analysis. Howard-Cooper’s mock draft switches Simmons and Ingram, where Ingram goes to the Sixers instead. Ingram’s “ball-handling skills” was cited as valuable resource needed by the Sixers, scoring-wise.

Bleacher Report, on the other hand, agrees with most sources in eyeing Simmons as top pick. However, it also offers Kris Dunn as another potential name that could go with the Sixers. As per the website, a Simmons and Dunn pairing would give the team a solution to its “lack of playmakers.”

As with most of mock drafts, nothing can be known for sure until the actual NBA draft comes along. For now, here is our own–and only partial–take on potential picks.

1. Ben Simmons to Philadelphia 76ers
2. Marquese Chriss to Los Angeles Lakers
3. Brandon Ingram to Boston Celtics
4. Dragan Brender to Phoenix Suns
5. Jamal Murray to Minnesota Timberwolves
6. Buddy Hield to New Orleans Pelicans
7. Jaylen Brown to Denver Nuggets
8. Kris Dunn to Sacramento Kings
9. Jakob Poeltl to Toronto Raptors
10. Henry Ellenson to Milawaukee Bucks

Do you have you own NBA Mock Draft 2016? Feel free to let us know about it in the comments below!