The NBA free agents 2016 roster is full of talent. As such, here is a rundown of who’s still free and who has already gone off free agent market.

1.Kevin Durant

Durant takes the top spot and while everyone thought he might be willing to stay with OKC, he made the surprise decision to switch teams to Golden State Warriors.

2. Dwyane Wade

After Miami Heat pushed Dwyane’s contract on the backburner to pursue highly coveted Kevin Durant, Dwyane decided to part ways with his long time team and sign with Chicago Bulls for a better paycheck.

3. Andre Drummond

Restricted he may be with the Detroit Pistons, but Andre’s patience has paid off with a maximum contract for 5 years with a player option for his last year.

4. Al Horford

Al Horford is a player who easily molds himself into the play and the teammates he is with on the court. So it’s no wonder Boston Celtics scooped up the lucrative free agent as soon as possible.

5. Mike Conley

The best point guard in the free agency land, Mike Conley is back with the Memphis Grizzlies with a 5-year contract amounting to $153 million (AU $202 million).

6. Hassan Whiteside

Whiteside offers one of the best defense for a team. Thus, it’s no wonder Miami Heat did their best to secure Hassan’s skills back into the court with them.

7. Dwight Howard

The years have not been easy on Dwight Howard but he still packs a punch on the court. As Atlanta Hawks welcome Howard, analysts are curious to see how his playing style will complement the rest of the team.

8. Bradley Beal

Beal is still looking for the breakout play he needs. Despite an injury-laden season, Beal has signed a 5-year contract with the Washington Wizards that will see him in a co-leadership role for the team, Sports Illustrated reported.

9. Nicolas Batum

Charlotte Hornets re-signed guard and forward Nicolas Batum after a remarkable season.

10. LeBron James

Just in case you forgot, yes, he has his player option open. However, nobody is thinking James will be moving after he just served Cleveland Cavaliers their NBA championship.That is why he is on the last spot of our NBA free agents 2016 roster. The King is not going anywhere thus, Cleveland Cavaliers should rest easy about their team captain.