This Sunday night is the night of giant battles for fans. On one end, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will fight for championship at the NBA Finals Game 7. On the other, Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton will face each other in the much-awaited Battle of the Bastards.

If Sportsrageous‘ prediction be taken into account, the Golden State Warriors and Jon Snow will be the biggest winners of the night.

The website creatively relates one NBA team to one of the “Game of Thrones” characters. As per the site, Ramsay Bolton can easily be LeBron James in that the two share a sense of desperation. According to Sportsrageous, Bolton’s desperation is rooted on pleasing his (now-dead) father while James’ is centered on giving Cleveland an NBA championship.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow and Steph Curry are linked by Sportrageous as a more likely match since both have a history of being underestimated. Curry was hailed back-to-back MVP for the last two seasons while Snow earned the highly-respected Lord Commander title despite being an illegitimate son.

From the site’s comparison, it is safe to say that they have deduced Jon Snow and the Warriors being the night’s big winners because both have something up their sleeves that will most likely be unexpected.

Although Sporstrageous’ predictions was mostly for creative fun, this does not mean to say that it is not with concrete support.

A piece by CBS Sports have accommodated experts and their predictions for Game 7’s results, and majority have favored a back-to-back win for the Warriors.

As for the Battle of the Bastards, fans could only hope that Ramsay Bolton makes his final appearance on tonight’s episode. With Jon Snow’s fury, shared in this piece by Entertainment Weekly, fans may finally get to say “good riddance” to the evil character.

Who do you think will win at the NBA Finals Game 7 and Battle of the Bastards? You’re always open to share your thoughts in the comments below!