The Cleveland Cavaliers made history Sunday night when they snatched the NBA Finals championship title from defending champs Golden State Warriors. While many would dwell on the topic of how the Warriors let their seemingly sure win slip, another important issue pertains to Kevin Love and his rumored trade.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the title through hard work and dedication of the team, could this be enough to save Love from being traded? Did his and LeBron James’ chemistry in the court convince the powers that be that Love and James work well together?

For now, nothing can be known for sure as Cleveland is still marveling at their victory. According to SB Nation, this is Cleveland’s first pro sports win after more than five decades.

No matter what the outcome for Love may be, it can be recalled that many accounts of his possible trade have been reported before. One of these reports is from Hoops Habit which said that Love’s trade to the Boston Celtics is “becoming more realistic.” According to the piece, trading Love is a major possibility since what he offers to the Cavaliers does not meet what is expected of him.

Meanwhile, a video from Bleacher Report by NBA Analyst Ric Bucher detailed the potential teams that Love could be shipped off to, should he be traded in the offseason. The Boston Celtics made it to the top of Bucher’s list, citing that Love has history with the city.

However, Bucher also took into consideration on how the trade would go if it was according to Love’s own perspective. The analyst deduced that if Love was “smart”, he would consider looking at teams like the Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz and the Portland Trail Blazers. Bucher cited these three as not really teams you would naturally see fight for the championship, but have players who could bring out the best in Love.

You can check out Bucher’s full analysis at Bleacher Report.

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