The NBA Finals 2016 MVP quest has started as the season draws to a close. Will Stephen Curry claim the title after clinching the MVP award in the Western Conference Finals? Or will Andre Iguodala bring home the trophy for the second time? Will a Cleveland Cavalier man win it instead?

Here are our top five contenders for the NBA Finals 2016 MVP award.

Andre Iguodala

The reigning MVP title holder easily qualifies for the award with his excellent playing statistics so far. NBA Stats reports he has “the best plus-minus in The Finals by a wide margin” of +54.

If one even wants to extend the stats over the last two seasons for comparison purposes, not even Draymond Green or Stephen Curry can compare to his +116.

Draymond Green

The best defender the Warriors could ever have, Green’s absence means a lot of difference to the Dub Nation’s game. Being a highly effective center with 5.8 assists per game, Green never lets any shot go away without a rebound. However, with his suspension, Green might just have waived his chance at scoring the MVP title for himself.

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Stephen Curry

The star player may just have a chance of scoring another MVP title, this time for the Finals if he plays with the same efficiency and magnanimity he has done in the last games, especially his 3-pointers for the Warriors.

Point in fact, he led the Warriors to a win with 38 points, of which 21 were from 3-pointer shots in their last game against the Cavaliers, ending game 4 with an 11-point lead.

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Klay Thompson

The other half of the Splash brothers, Klay Thompson, mesmerized spectators in the Western Conference Finals and continued making points for his team from the periphery, releasing 3-pointers left and right. However, as CBS Sports reports, he may need to show more if he wants the Finals MVP award for himself.

LeBron James

Though LeBron has been struggling through the Finals series, a quick turnaround may still bag him an MVP award. Stats show that LeBron shoots best when he’s faced with a possible elimination, racking up 31.9 points with 10.7 rebounds in a game.