Teams and fans alike highly anticipated the NBA Draft 2016. But, when it came to Boston Celtics pick Ante Zizic, it became a letdown.

As Boston Celtics announced they would be picking the Croatian, fans bowed down their heads in disappointment. Though drafts are not the be-all and end-all of NBA teams, it does give everyone an insight into a team’s strategy and likely path in the future playoffs and conferences.

So before fans go back to hating Boston Celtics’ decision for the NBA Draft 2016, here is a more comprehensive look at Boston Celtics draft pick Ante Zizic.

Ante Zizic is a 19-year old basketball player from the Croatian league. At 6’11 and 235 pounds, he already has the physique of an NBA player.

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ESPN also reports the big man as an excellent rebounder. For a man his size, Boston Celtics pick Ante Zizic moves deftly on the court.

Looking at his playing statistics, his average PER of 24.73 per NBA’s report easily comes at the top of his age group.

This rating comes after a highly successful playing career from three leagues in Europe, namely the Adriatic League, FIBA Europe Cup and Croatian A1. He also comes off his latest season as FIBA Center of the Year.

However, the Croatian is not without weaknesses. Though Zizic’s rebounding skills cannot be doubted, his passing and lack of offensive skills weigh him down in the eyes of critics. ESPN also called him out for his low basketball IQ.

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His defense also needs work on top of increasing his perimeter game. Another criticism against Zizic’s gameplay is his old school trick of boxing out other players. Though this strategy has worked in his previous leagues, it won’t do for NBA. Aside from this list, Zizic also finds a crowded in the paint game with other big men already in position.

Though Boston Celtics pick Ante Zizic has a lot of potential, Celtics blog has earmarked him as a “draft-and-stash” pick.

Being a highly physical player, the 6’11 player may have limited opportunity to shine in the upcoming NBA playoffs.