NBA 2K17 has been released and is receiving a lot of good reviews. Most of the reviews include the Badges feature that it offers, having it as a fan favorite. This feature has been improved since it was released by the previous NBA 2K16.

This NBA 2K17 Badges are special titles that give the player certain bonuses when you unlocked them. They can be earned by performing certain actions in the game. Once a player has unlocked them, it can be upgraded multiple times.

After you’ve unlocked them, most of them can be upgraded a couple of times.


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 For those who have already played the game, players may notice that they already have five predetermined badges that are dependent on the player’s archetype. Players have to work for the other badges, these badges such as Alpha Dog, Spark Plug, Cutch Performer, and Wild Car. Getting an average of at least seven points per game can retrieve these.


As per Sports Game Online, there are 55 confirmed badges for this game, and here’s some tricks for on how to get the NBA 2K17 Badges:


Alpha Dog – Team leader who takes it upon himself to lead his team to victory.

How to get it: Must be highest rated player on the team and play 60% of team’s minutes per game.


Clutch Performer – Steps his game up in big games and big moments.

Wildcard – A player who can be wildly inconsistent.


Spark Plug – Come off the bench or comes out of timeouts making big plays that can energize his teammates.

How to get it: In a 6 game running window, you must average at least 7 points per game while coming off the bench.


Enforcer – Can wreak havoc on the floor with tough and physical play.

How to get it: Get 10 non-flagrant, hard fouls in a single season.


Floor General – An offensive leader who can help his teammates play better on offense when he’s on the floor.

How to get it: Have a career assist average of 5 or more, play at least 30 games in a season or career, and raise your Playmaker discipline to Level 18.


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Hardened – Will play through fatigue & injury without experiencing a severe drop in skill.

How to get it: Play 20 games in a row where you average 80% of the team’s minutes or more.


Defensive Anchor – Defensive leader who helps his teammates perform better defensively.

How to get it: Play at least 30 games in a season or career and raise your Defender discipline to Level 18.


Championship DNA – Can quickly see where double teams are coming from. Also steps up his game in playoff moments.

How to get it: Win an NBA Championship.


Microwave – A player who heats up quicker than most.

How to get it: Get your player “Hot” on offense at some point in the game for 5-10 consecutive games.  When you have two red rings in your player indicator, you are considered “Hot”.


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