We are closer than ever to the NBA 2K17 release date on September 20. As fans of the much anticipated video game count the hours, here are a few tips, tricks and other details that we already know.

Player Ratings

LeBron James claims the top spot in the player ratings once again with a 96 overall rating. He sits solo at the pinnacle of the charts, with Stephen Curry coming in a close second. Two points separate the two, with the Golden State Warriors star claiming a 94 overall rating. Completing the top three spots is the trio of Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook. All three players managed to get a 93 overall rating.  

Locker Room Codes

Game developer 2K has released locker room codes as an extra bonus to game buyers. Since the developers released these themselves, players are cautioned against obtaining potentially fake codes from third parties. Vine Report also shared that apart from obtaining the codes in-game, there’s a new option.

“If a gamer buys a copy of NBA 2K17 and two bags of Ruffles between Sept. 10 and Oct. 2, he/she will get 5,000 in virtual currencies, as well as two Jump Packs of Park Cards,” read the report. However, this offer is only available for gamers with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well as PC users.

Early Reviews

FOX Sports released a review ahead of the game’s public launch. Some notable features include the game’s realistic draft simulation. The player sits out the draft almost real time to an actual draft. This approximates the feeling of anxiety that a player would face while waiting for his name to be called in a real-life draft.

Another added feature is the “Dynamic Duo”. It supposedly boosts the performance of player pairings who do well together on-court. It mimics real-life partnerships that have been working out in actual games. One big example is a Steph Curry pairing with Klay Thompson. When both players are on court, their three-point stats rise.