The Blacktop Challenge is by far NBA 2K17’s most interesting game mode.  If you are already familiar with how the challenge works, here are some NBA 2K17 tips you don’t want to miss:

Don’t waste time watching every animation play out. Be sure to quickly choose your player or players at every quarter and hold the screen down to accelerate the action. You should be able to enter five full games each round and a quarter or a couple more, if you hurry up.

Avoid wasting time hunting for possible wins. Once you beat a team in a certain round, stick with them. If it’s the opposite, then stop challenging that team and move on to the next opponent.

Make sure that you have enough Energy cards beforehand. The cards will come handy since energy is drained after each round. If you are well-stocked on these cards, then you can give your players the needed refill. You should have more than 10 or even 15 Energy cards if you do not want to take any chance.

Never assume that a person above you is really difficult to challenge, especially after only a few rounds. That person has probably used every good card or has no Energy card left. People coming out on top after every round are also provided a lower Energy cap as handicap for the succeeding round. This means that if their decks are similar to yours in overall talent level, you might be able to beat them in the next round because of that handicap.

Finally, here’s a super special tip in addition to the NBA 2K17 tips above. This one can actually be your best solution to finishing ahead of everyone else:

If you are leading by a good number of points after the third round, you can purposely play badly in the next round. The idea is that if you intentionally play badly in Round 4 then you will have one-hundred percent Energy as you enter Round 5. You will also earn multiple Victory Points because you have beaten everybody or almost everybody, who finished ahead of you in the fourth round. You will lose all of your cards though if you take this route. This is why you have to launch the mode with a very strong overall deck. It will allow you to secure the slim lead you will get, going into the fifth round or even create the needed ground in case somebody passes you in the fourth round.

The preceding NBA 2K17 tips have been done effectively. They could work for you as well.