The successor to NBA 2K16 finally released this week and gamers are certainly pleased. However, it appears the game’s launch isn’t as smooth as expected, with a number of NBA 2K17 issues cited.

An article from Gotta Be Mobile extensively lists down these issues and problems. Fortunately, aside from listing them down, the site offers an explanation as to why these problems occur. On some occasions, the source also offers potential fixes to these problems.

Among the problems Gotta Be Mobile mentions involve the initial patch download, issues with pre-order bonuses, and virtual currency transfers. Aside from these, the site also mentioned technical issues like face scanning, issues with camera focus and issues with skipping cut scenes.

NBA 2K17 issues and potential fixes

Gotta Be Mobile relays that the main complaint with the patch download is that it’s taking too slow to complete. The website cites the large volume of users trying to do the same. Hence, there’s really no workaround for this than to wait.

Meanwhile, for people having problems with downloading pre-order bonuses, the website had this to say:

“2K says that Virtual Currency bonuses that users purchased should surface automatically in their account. You can force it to surface by heading into the MyTeam area. Some have had success with that.”

Related to this problem is the issue with Virtual Currency transfers. For that, Gotta Be Mobile relays the following:

“If you’ve already made investments in Virtual Currency in a previous game, that’s exactly where they’ll stay. VC doesn’t transfer between editions of the franchise, even if it was purchased for a game on the same platform.”

For the full list of explanations on other NBA 2K17 problems, check out Gotta Be Mobile’s full article here.

NBA 2K17 perception

However, if you’re one of those who has doubts about the game, IGN‘s Chase Becotte released a review for it. The review offers some aspects that the reviewer didn’t like, but also highlighted the areas that worked.

If you are in doubt and need some enlightenment, you can check out that review here.

Check back for more as we gather more news on NBA 2K17 issues and their potential fixes.