“NBA 2K16” all-star player Stephen Curry was caught mimicking a video game as if he’s playing with a game controller while on the sidelines recently.

According to Fox Sports, Stephen Curry, one of the most famous players of the Golden State Warriors, may have been reminiscing his 99 rating in the last NBA 2K16 game.

They also thought that perhaps the Golden State Warriors point guard was excited for the possibility of winning thousands of dollars by playing “NBA 2K16.”

What’s funny though is that he was also reportedly trying to control his teammate Shaun Livingston by telling him to kill opponents with his point shot during the game.

The Score also mentioned Stephen Curry daydreaming while on the court as his team, Golden State Warriors, dominated over Cleveland Cavaliers.  

Others said he just might be bored or it could be a mere mannerism.

In the two viral Vine video clips, it was seen that while others clapped their hands when Livingston made this two-point shot, he seemed to be playing with his hands as if he held a game controller.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports previously reported about the upcoming 2K eSports Events, which will give away as much as $250,000 for the first prize.

From the recent tweets made by the “NBA 2K17” official Twitter account, there was a box of red and black colors with a metal plate saying “ NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals Champions.”

The tweet said, “Look at the ring the two teams are playing for.”

2K Senior Vice President of basketball operations Jason Argent said, “It’s something that our development team, and frankly, our publishing and marketing teams probably wanted to do for the same reason that everyone has.”

“You know, we tend to take things a little more deliberate. We wanted to make sure that the fans wanted it, which seemingly they did. So we were taking it a little step-by-step,” he added.