The “NBA 2K16” game reveals new tips and tricks for players to earn more badges and virtual currency.

According to Twinfinite, there are several means a gamer could use during the in-game to get more rewards like badges and VC.

One of the latest tip is mastering the alley-oop technique. This technique allows one player to toss the ball up then another hand catches it and dunks it from midair.

Perfect and precise timing is required for gamers to execute this trick well.

To do this, the source says that they should choose any of the team members’ point guard, shooting guard or small forward.

After choosing the member to perform the trick, they hold RT/R2 while the member is running in the court.

They can do this naturally with the entire team or they can also do so during the fast break. Either of these two events can be great for alley-oop execution.

The next step will be to double tap the Y/Triangle button. They have to make sure that the team is able to look out for nearby opponents while doing this.

If one of the nearby opponents is able to stop the ball or  intervene with the player, they can easily swat the ball away, leading to failure.

The Y/Triangle button allows the player to throw an  alley-oop for the teammate and shoot towards the basket.

Aside from this trick, they can also do the RB/R1 while the player stands still so the other teammates can set up, pick and roll the play.

Another player will run towards the basket and take advantage of the defense, throwing the alley-oop while they are caught off guard.

Watch this video below to see how NBA 2K16 alley-oop trick looks like!

Setting the alley-oop technique aside, one interesting “NBA 2K16” feature every gamer should check out is the ability to upgrade their gaming.

This kind of upgrade can be done by creating their own player while enjoying their new gear that they can use in the court at the same time, Twinfinite reports.

However, they can only take advantage of this feature if they have enough virtual currency (VC). To achieve that, they need to play through seasons and win most of the games.

Obviously, they need to find online matches that can allow them to earn a steady stream of VC by playing against friends or strangers.

They can also earn more funds through a mobile app called MyNBA2K16, which is available in iOS and Android. Their mobile app should be synced with their gaming account of choice—either Xbox Live or PSN.