New Locker codes are here again. 2K introduced some new lockers codes for players like Larry Bird, Shaquille O-Neil, Lebron James and Micheal Jordan. When it comes to NBA 2K16, there is always something interesting in store for the fans.

The Available locker codes are:

Micheal Jordan (FZV7P FQ9SU SRNZZ 9AB27 9ZUUT)

Lebron James (9BUQS QTKDU ASYJU 3W183 QVXBC)


The official twitter page of 2K released some new locker codes to be made available this Christmas Season. A particular tweet also details on how to get Kyrie’s new shoes.

As per the Gospel Herald, 2K also released locker codes to get Limited Dynamic Diamond Stephen Curry. 2K officially announced, “Thanks for joining us tonight! Limited Dynamic Diamond Stephen Curry #LockerCodes: AVVAO-NEK9A-RSZML-E3H00-W1WXJ”.

Along with the locker codes, 2K also released some details on the new patch. The general patch detail reads:

  • Addressed a hang that can occur when editing/applying tattoos in Edit Player.
  • Improved the user interface when applying contracts to players in MyTEAM by removing the display of how many contracts the player would have IF the current card was applied.
  • Fixed a corruption issue where some users were experiencing hangs, missing art assets, and infinite loads. Please ensure that your virus scanning software (e.g. Avast) whitelists your Steam folder/directory. This is required for new content to properly download and install.

We wrote about the locker codes released earlier this month to get a chance to play some of the legendary players of NBA along with other noted players.

The official NBA 2K16 twitter account revealed that there are new codes for “Super-Hero Themed Apparels”. They have recently collaborated with Marvel to develop new Jerseys.

Motoring Crunch also writes about creating locker codes on our own. Apparently the site has all the details on how to create new locker codes. This is something very interesting.