The “NBA 2K16” locker codes updates revealed a new locker code generator that allows players to add free VC points and some random in-game items.

Motoring Crunch reported a new list of locker codes generator, and notified players that these codes might now work for the “NBA 2K16” gameplay.

These codes include KEEPTHECHANGE, SWEETPOTATO and PARKSWAG since these three were already expired.

Aside from the three, the codes listed below were also expired:

2K TV shirt for MyPlayer: #2KTVHEYGUYS

50% chance to get a legend player: #FIFTYFIFTYNBA2KLEGEND



Andre Drummond jersey for MyPlayer: #T.A.G.O.D.0

Free legend player: #FREENBALEGEND

Free MyTeam Pack: #BadgeUpOnNBA2K15

Random item: HEYGUYS

Random item: HEYGUYS

Random item: MYSTERY

Random MyPlayer item: NewYearGear

VIP Pack: #Ronnie2KChallenge

The new “NBA 2K16” locker codes generator, on the other hand, listed the following:

For gaining more VC points, try  SHOOT2MUCH500 and #2KTVPOSTSEASON. These codes allowed gamers to have free virtual currency (VC) points.

The first code could have 500 VC points and the latter 1,000 VC points.

To earn some in-game items in certain random times, they can try #2KTVMELOGEAR, #AIRCRAFTCARRIER and RA9M9M5-EQZCF-2EYQQ-IF5AF-UEP51.

One of the in-game items they could have is an ABA ball that they can get by using the code PAYRESPECT.

Those who do not have any idea how these codes work in their game, they should go to Menu, choose Options, select Features, then go to Locker Code and key in the code they want to use.

They can also use an online “NBA 2K16” locker code generator by visiting the NBA 2K16 cheats official website.

To effectively use the online generator code, they should select console because the codes vary per console.

Afterwards, they have to select the amount of VC locker codes they need or a diamond player code, which ranges from 5,000 VC locker code to as high as 100,000 VC locker code.

They have to wait for the online generator to produce the “NBA 2K16” codes for some minutes to process the request.

One important thing they need to do is to share the post to get more locker codes for free. However, if the system detected spams or bots, these “NBA 2K16” game locker codes will not be displayed.