The official NBA 2K16 game has made some roster changes and revealed new locker codes for the same. The Cheat Code Central has come up with some locker codes.

Locker codes

At the main menu, select “Options”, “Features”, then choose the “Locker Codes” selection. Enter one of the following codes to obtain the corresponding bonus.

Result ABA ball              Code       PAYRESPECT

Unlocking the Black Market

Select a card you have obtained, and choose the “View Card” option. Rotate the card in every possible direction to potentially find a rune. A rune looks like an alien symbol and appears in the left border area of the card, below the “Ovr” rating.

It is very rare to find a rune. But once you find five different runes from viewing and rotating cards, you will get a special rune code that gives you temporary access to the Black Market.

Here are some links that will help and guide on the Signature Moves, Installing Upgrades and Infinite Money Cheat, as reveled by Gaming Bolt.

Signature Moves

Installing Upgrades

Infinite Money Cheat

Operation Sports writes that a new patch has been made available; this  allows gamers to make a few roster changes, effectively lowering or raising a few player attributes.

Players that saw their attributes drop are as listed as follows:

D. Rose (-1)

Brooks (-0)

G. Hayward (-1)

O. Russel (-2)

K. Bryant (-2)

M. Ellis (-2)

P. George (-0)

J. Dudley (-1)

Players that saw their attributes go up are as listed as follows:

N. Mirotic (+1)

K. Bazemore (+1)

M. Williams (CHA)(+1)

R. Hood (+2)

R. Rondo (+1)

D. Cousins (+0)

J. Randle (+1)

G. Harris (+2)

J. Lauvergne (+3)

G. Hill (+1)

M. Morris (DET) (+2)

Drummond (+1)

Beal (+2)

The Official Patch notes read, “Over the past week, many roster updates have been released that included adjustments to Accessories, Shoes, Uniform Team Colors, Starting Lineups, Injuries and Transactions. Most notably, recently signed Toney Douglas [NOP] and Chuck Hayes [HOU] were added to their new teams.”

There are locker codes available to unlock legendary players like Michael Jordan and Karl Malone. The codes are as follows:

Michael Jordan – FZV7P-FQ9SU-SRNZZ-9AB27-9ZUUT



Paul George – WR9KL-6NQ9Z-CWWGF-MVG4C-T3L8P

Karl Malone – Q1585-CPEWU-HZNWY-WK2EW-V1E4C

Isaiah Thomas – XFQDT-TMQ6Z-I1TM6-8Q8J5-WNJGQ

Stephen Curry – NXYJ4-WQCRD-C2DQN-S36GF-TJMZ4


Carmelo Anthony – AMIB1-95PFL-FD7LB-DQXHX-S7RBT

2K Sports had earlier released additional special locker codes and revealed patch 1.02 that “does more than bug fixes.” The Complete list of “NBA 2K16: Locker Codes and cheats” available for the month of November has been revealed by Cheat Code Central.