With the NBA 2016 Playoffs just around the corner, gamers are probably pushing their NBA 2K16 MyPlayer, MyGM and MYTeam to make it to the virtual bracket knockoff matches as well. And with the help of a few Locker Codes and cheats, winning will be easier than ever.

To help with you powering up your players and teams, here are a few NBA 2K16 locker codes, cheats, tips and tricks to be the best baller on the virtual hardcourt, be it on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.

NBA 2K16 Locker Codes

500 VC – SHOOT2MUCH500



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Diamond Cards and MyTeam Black Market

While Diamond Cards are as rare and valuable as diamonds themselves, scoring one is pretty hard. However, this trick will help you get the Diamond Air Jordan 3 and the Diamond Contract Card. Here’s how, as explained by CheatCC:

Everytime you obtain a new card, choose “View Card” and rotate it in all possible angles. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a Rune — a symbol that looks like an alien and often appears on the left border of the card, near the “Ovr” rating. It’s very rare to find a rune, but collecting five runes will provide a special code that will open the MyTeam Black Market temporarily.

The Black Market offers gamers the chance to purchase very rare NBA 2K16 items:

  • Zebra ball
  • Exclusive Rookie of the Year Winners Box
    – contains 10 Rookie of the Year Packs, each Pack includes the highest chance of a Rookie of the Year Card
  • Diamond Air Jordan 3
  • Diamond Contract Card

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NBA 2K16 Ultimate Legends Roster Revealed! How to Download?

Easy VC

Earning Virtual Currencies, or NBA 2K16 VC, is not easy but this process will have you earning a few thousands in just a few minutes.

Start a MyCareer game and set the difficulty to “Hall of Fame” with 12 minutes per quarter. As soon as the match officially tip-offs, foul out as quickly as possible. You’ll earn the base salary of around 350 VC, and you can foul out in less than two minutes of game. Continue doing for this the next few games and you’ll earn a few thousands in no time.

Note: It is suggested that you create a MyCareer save solely for this objective, so you can still enjoy the competitiveness in your own game mode save.

NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals

This MyTeam challenge also offers the gamers the chance to win $250,000. Click here for details.