Not every deal is a good deal. Especially when the “Deal goes wrong”. Angry Fans took to the micro -blogging site after 2K Sports failed to deliver on the promises. NBA 2K16 fans slammed 2K Sports on the social media over locker codes release.

As per the Kotaku reports, 2K Sports had promised back in 2014, to give away “Sweet Bonuses” when they reach a target of 1 Million Twitter followers. The source traced back the original tweet back on May 30 in 2014. The tweet read as follows.

NBA 2K14 TweetTanuj Mitra | Australia Network News

The immense popularity of NBA 2K16 propelled to new heights and so did 2K Sports. The official NBA 2K 2K16 Twitter handle crossed One Million followers this week which called for celebrations. 2K Sports did not lose time to reveal NBA 2K16 Locker Codes for Random Items. The developers also promised to fans that they would get a “chance at Amethyst & Diamond Players”.

Anticipations crossed all scores but only to disappoint the fans. Kotaku quotes, “everyone got a locker code (essentially the in-game term for content you unlock with a code). Redeeming that locker code got you a random in-game item. Some people were lucky and got something decent! Most folks did not. Here, for example, is what I got — A t-shirt. Great. Thanks.”

2K Sports2K Sports

2K Sports

“Aside from venting displeasure on forums, a Twitter backlash has started up on #Unfollow2K, which has since driven the account’s follower count back under the one million mark.”

However, the source notes an interesting thing about the incident. “What if 2K Sports is legally right?”, the source further quotes.

As per the Design n Trend blog, the offer was made back in 2014 when the twitter handle was officially followed as “NBA 2K14”. But they did mention the availability of the locker codes in their latest tweet which came from the twitter handle named “NBA 2K16”. So in a way, 2K Sports did violate their promises made the fans.

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There is no official word from 2K Sports yet. Stay tuned for more updates.