For sure 2K Sports never fails to mesmerize the fans. When it comes to NBA 2K16, there is always something interesting in store for the fans. And the good news, 2K Sports will roll out locker codes, patches and new apparels this coming holiday season.

Mike Wang, NBA2k game director, while addressing some of the issues stated, “The change I made only impacts contact shots, but you can tell by the animation, if the collision looks heavy.”

With the new locker codes you now get a chance to play some of the legendary players of NBA along with other noted players. The Codes are:

85285-A1J16-S4OP6-EIO4R-DXSJ6 – Hassan Whiteside

PJHK3-E122X-LEZ9J-4VOWS-TS62R – Kristaps Porzingis


FZV7P-FQ9SU-SRNZZ-9AB27-9ZUUT – Michael Jordan

XFQDT-TMQ6Z-I1TM6-8Q8J5-WNJGQ – Isaiah Thomas

Q1585-CPEWU-HZNWY-WK2EW-V1E4C – Karl Malone


Future Hall of Famers:


NXYJ4-WQCRD-C2DQN-S36GF-TJMZ4 – Stephen Curry

WR9KL-6NQ9Z-CWWGF-MVG4C-T3L8P – Paul George

AMIB1-95PFL-FD7LB-DQXHX-S7RBT- Carmelo Anthony

There is more to come. The official NBA 2K16 twitter account revealed that there are new codes for “Super-Hero Themed Apparels”. They have recently collaborated with Marvel to develop new Jerseys.

The Gospel Herald quotes, “There are several clothing options with imprinted logos of Marvel heroes, such as The Punisher, Hydra,  Captain America and Spiderman. Gamer’s can use this awesome gears in MyPlayer mode. Aside from jerseys, the clothing line will also have hoodies and regular T-shirt inspired by Marvel Characters.”

Marvel is certainly trying to expand its market reach and with the upcoming new film “Captain America: Civil War”, the move looks legitimate and welcome by fans.

There are Locker Codes for bonus items for NBA 2k fans for this Christmas season. The Codes are 2KTVMELOGEAR, AIRCRAFTCARRIER, RA9M5-EQZCF-2EYQQ-IF5AF-UEP51.  Get blue, red, and white ABA ball by typing “PAYRESPECT.”

NBA 2K16” was released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, and PC on September 29 this year. The Holiday season certainly looks promising now. Stay tuned for more updates on the Locker Codes.