There are new locker codes available for “NBA 2k16”. 2K Sports had earlier released additional special locker codes and revealed patch 1.02 that “does more than bug fixes.” The Complete list of “NBA 2K16: Locker Codes and cheats” available for the month of November was revealed by Cheat Code Central.

2KSports has now rolled out a new update, patch 1.03, which reportedly took some time to release for all platforms, “as the publisher rolled out the new update first on the PS4 and PC versions,” notes Christian Today. Xbox One users can use the patch, too.

The update is touted to bring significant improvements to both general and platform-specific areas along with gameplay fixes. Gameplay director Mike Wang stated that these are “significant gameplay fixes for this 3rd patch and my time has been swamped trying to test and balance gameplay before it goes out the door, while also starting new designs and feature work on 2K17.”

The new Patch includes the “Flip Saunders patch for the Minnesota Timberwolves uniforms, accuracy-based improvements for classic team uniforms, much improved face scanning results and fixes on the different modes like MyCAREER and MyTEAM,” quote Christian Today.

Official 2KSports Facebook account includes the complete patch notes.

According to the official post, “the NBA 2K16 Patch Update v3 has been approved by Sony and was just released on the PlayStation 4 in the US. It is still with approval at Microsoft, hopeful that it’ll be released soon.”

Some of the Gameplay features are as follows.


– Resolved an issue where too much stamina would recover during timeouts (giving the effect that players never tired).

– Finally resolved an issue where players would not sweat appropriately in longer quarter lengths.

– Fixed a rare case where you would be unable to dismiss the quick sub menu when attempting to make a substitution.

– Found a case where the camera would be pointing towards the crowd at the tip-off of an overtime game.

– Corrected the Free Throw Difficulty slider, which was flipped.  Make sure to update your custom sliders if you accounted for this on your end already.

– Outdoor sound effects should no longer play in indoor environments after having previously played a MyTEAM Gauntlet game.