The NBA 2016 All-Star Uniforms are here and they both feature elements that are old and new.

According to Bleacher Report, a standout from the 2016 design is the jerseys containing the Kia logo. The website recalls that Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, previously expressed that sooner or later NBA jerseys will feature advertising. The website reflects that adding the Kia logo in the new All-Stars uniform is a test drive for the advertising aspect.

The other article by Bleacher Report tackling sponsorship on jerseys details that the NBA commissioner thought jersey sponsorship will be at the back of the players in due time. Silver was also quoted in saying that sponsored jerseys make good business sense.

Apart from the jerseys, Yahoo! Sports also mentions that the 2016 line will include warm-weather warm-up gear for the players. While many would think that this is just a normal addition, the apparel has an important component; namely, patches that identify an All Star’s achievements throughout his career.

Among the achievements, according to the website, are All-Star Game MVP trophies, Most Valuable Player, NBA Championships, and Rookie of the Year.

However, although a new feature has been incorporated to the NBA 2016 All-Star jerseys, ESPN points out that the line pays homage to a notable event in the past: the first ever NBA game between the New York Knickerbockers and Toronto Huskies. In addition, ESPN also highlights that the jersey also incorporates a lot of elements from Toronto–who is hosting the game for the first time.

ESPN lists that the Toronto elements fused in the jersey include a maple leaf and a subtle print of the city’s skyline. As for the shorts, ESPN describes that a raptor claw was carved into a star.

The website reports that the All-Stars jersey will retail for $70 to $110 (depending on the material) while the jackets will cost $110 to $200.

The new All-Stars apparel will go on sale on January 21 while the All-Stars game is set for February 14.