Kobe Bryant has retired from a brilliant basketball career with five NBA championships and 18 All-Star awards to his name.

However, it seems fans are still hung over the NBA legend. One NBA fan and a LeBron James fan at that, Marcus Murphy (@MarcusNBAphy), took to Twitter to prove Kobe Bryant is overrated, Fox Sports reports. Unlike other fans who simply dislike Bryant, Murphy provided key figures to support his statement.

In a string of tweets he named “Kobe Bryant is Overrated Thread,” he proceeded to show comparisons between Bryant and fellow players statistics during games.


Pitting the NBA star’s game statistics against players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Pau Gasol and even NBA legend Michael Jordan, Murphy uses the numbers to prove his point.

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Attacking Kobe’s NBA final shooting output, Murphy shows the player scoring 41.2 percent while his teammates’ shot percentage was 46 percent. Murphy surmises then that LA Lakers won the NBA Finals ‘in spite’ of Kobe’s low shooting percentage and ‘not because of him.’

More on the shooting percentage, as per Murphy’s tweet, it seems LA Lakers’ ought to reconsider how they view Paul Gasol as a shooter. Basing on the 2009 and 2010 NBA Finals, Murphy shows that Gasol has a shooting accuracy of 58.8 percent as opposed to Bryant’s 29.7 percent.


He also tweets Bryant’s MVP performance during his best season in 2006 and puts it vis-a-vis Curry’s, the current reigning MVP. Again, Bryant’s player efficiency rating (PER) was less than Curry’s. However, it is important to note that Bryant’s PER was just 0.01 less than Curry’s 27.98.

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More on the PER, Murphy also cites that LeBron has garnered a higher PER for an outstanding seven seasons than Bryant’s highest PER in a season.

During the entirety of Bryant’s basketball career, his field goal (FG) never went above 47 percent while LeBron James career FG’s measured a whopping 49.8 percent.


As for the similarity of Kobe Bryant’s career similar to what NBA legend Michael Jordan achieved, this is what Murphy had to say.


As for who Marcus Murphy is, his Twitter bio reads that he is a LeBron James fan and that any slander towards his basketball favorite is not tolerated.

Although he is a LeBron fan, he may find an ally in sports economist, Dr. David Berri of Southern Utah University who thinks the same way, Deseret News reports.

The statistics are all there for you to see and double-check. So, do you think Kobe Bryant is overrated? Let us know in the comments below.