The Warriors already created history by making an NBA record  of 21-0.  And everything seems to be incredible when it comes to the Golden State Warriors. They now added one more win to take their start to 22-0.

As per the Huffington Post report, Stephen Curry scored 16 of his 28 points in the third quarter to take the Warriors home by beating the Brooklyn Nets 114-98 on Sunday night. The incredible dream run seems to be a never ending affair. And quite honestly, we don’t want it to end either.

To Curry the Warriors’ start to the season seems surreal. “It doesn’t even sound right,” he said. ‘”In the NBA, with so many good players and good teams, to be able to put on a run like this is special. We don’t always play our best but we find ways to win. That’s the strength of our team. Every night a different guy might step up and have a huge game and do the little things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.”

According to ESPN, when the 1995-96 Bulls won 19 of their first 21 games, the Michael Jordan led Bulls were already being touted as the most dominating team in the NBA history. But the NBA fraternity now might conclude things differently. This season’s Warriors could be way better.

Stephen Curry too is having a dream run this season. His role seems similar to that of Michael Jordan back in 1995-96 season. “Jordan was on his way to another scoring title, NBA MVP award and NBA Finals MVP award”, quotes ESPN. Curry’s form too show glimpses of something astonishing.

With a winning percentage of .817, the Warriors finished the season at 67-15 last year. If they are to beat the Bulls’ record of 72-10, the winning percentage will jump to .866.  Fans remain optimistic about the dream record and feel that the Golden State Warriors will make history at the end of the season.