The ugly deadlock seems to be finally over. There has been quite a number of speculations, rumors as well as discussion on the possible trade of Tristan Thompson but his fate has been finally sealed with the Cavs and this will be for five years.

According to ESPN reports, both Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson have agreed to end their stalemate; they reached the bottom line and signed a $82 million deal for five years. The deal doesn’t “include any player or team options” and all the money is guaranteed.

Thompson’s contract issues with the Cavs persisted since July as the Club wants a $80 million deal while Thompson didn’t budge from $94 million, or a three year and $53 million, contract offer. Thompson decided to remain a restricted free agent until 2016 and thoughts of sitting out the entire season have often crossed his mind.

The 24-year-old star forward now becomes the sixth highest paid in the NBA at par with Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

Though considered to be one of the league’s best offensive re-bounders, he wont be getting his maximum price demand but sources feel that this deal is bigger than most deals he is likely to get in the upcoming years.

Thompson soon took on the micro blogging site to express his satisfaction with the agreement.

His teammate and friend, Lerbon James has always remained by his side expressing his dissatisfaction with the stalemate. He was often seen posting pictures on the social networking sites and demanding for a quick solution to the murky issue between Thomson and the Cavaliers.

ESPN also mentioned the tax issues and wrote, “It will also come with a massive tax bill. Though the tax won’t be calculated until the end of the season, and the Cavs have only 14 guaranteed contracts, they are now in line to pay in excess of $60 million in luxury tax, which would be the second highest on record.”