Considered to be one of the best coaches in the Basketball fraternity, Gregg Popovich on Wednesday said that he hates 3-pointers. The San Antonio head coach reiterated his statements and said, “You have to shoot 3s, but he’d rather not”.

Despite his own club engaging in 3-pointers for its success during the previous season, Popovich maintained that he hates scoring opportunity.

The CBS Sports quoted Popovich as saying, “I still hate it.”

“I’ll never embrace it. I don’t think its basketball. I think it’s kind of like a circus sort of thing. Why don’t we have a 5-point shot? A 7-point shot? You know, where does it stop, that sort of thing. But that’s just me, that’s just old-school.”

“To a certain degree, you better embrace it or you’re going to lose. And every time we’ve won a championship, the 3-point shot was a big part of it. Because it is so powerful and you’ve gotta be able to do it. And nobody does it better than Golden State, and you know where they’re at. So it’s important. You can’t ignore it.”

Now fans might feel that he was taking a dig at Steph Curry who is, without a doubt, the best 3-pointer in this season. Most of his points have come through 3-pointers. San Antonio Spurs meets the Golden State Warriors in late January.

LaMarcus Aldridge and Tim Duncan, considered to be two of the traditional men for Spurs, have resorted to fewer 3-pointers. Their attempts have dipped from 22.5 to 18.8 per game this season. Reports suggested that it might be to counteract “what the 23-0 Warriors are doing with size.”

“No,” Popovich said. “We all think about that all the time, right? Because nobody is as powerful with that 3-point shot as Golden State is. To date, none of us has figured it out.

“The 24-second shot makes it kind of tough,” he continued. “You say, ‘Well, you have an advantage at the other end, use your big guys.’ If there wasn’t a 24-second clock, that would work a whole lot better.”