The present situation of the Los Angeles Lakers doesn’t seem merry, especially when it involves one of their star players, Kobe Bryant. The Golden State Warriors extended their record start with 16-0 set over a thumping 111-77 victory over the Lakers and experts have constantly criticized the team as well as Bryant for their dismal performance.

Though many still believe that the Lakers will bounce back, noted NBA analyst Zach Lowe expressed his concern for the present Lakers side. SB Nation quoted him as saying, “I’m going to make a statement right now, you can disagree with it, you can throw your phone away and not talk and not address it: Kobe Bryant is the single most detrimental player in the NBA. Period.”

“He’s not the worst player in the NBA because, like, Dewayne Dedmon is worse than Kobe Bryant, but Dewayne Dedmon plays like five minutes a game and doesn’t really do anything, sometimes he plays 12 or 13 and blocks some shots. Kobe Bryant plays a lot of minutes and does a lot of horrible things. He is the single most detrimental player to his team  in the NBA, full-stop, and I don’t take any pleasure in saying that because I loved watching prime Kobe Bryant.”

Lowe further says, “Maybe he’s helping the 2019 Lakers win basketball games by getting them Ben Simmons or one of these other top-three picks.”

Bryant had the worst shooting performance in his career with a “1-14” outing against the Warriors, as per sources.

Experts also suggest that Bryan Scott should use less of Bryant as he is shooting 31.1% from the field and 19.5% on three pointers while still using 28.4% of the Lakers’ possessions. Many term such a performance as “embarrassing” and “sad”.