Following claims of the disappearance of a Nazi gold train at the end of World War II, explorers in Poland have started digging on Tuesday to recover the same.

The gold train is supposed to be loaded with treasures and armaments. Hence, it will be a legendary retrieval if successful recovery is done.  The search has been going on for a long time. The exploration has never been negatively affected by scientific inferences that there is in fact no train to look for.

There has been several warnings from historians who claimed that no such train existed. Scientists have raised doubts over the finding of gold even after so many trials. “We’re entering the sphere of almost urban myth,” University of Glasgow Scotland’s battlefield archaeologist Tony Pollard said.

“From my own experience as an archaeologist, I’m highly dubious about it, and I think most of the archaeological community shares that opinion.”

Live Science reported that the explorers continue to do their task. It is said that the train disappeared in a mountain tunnel while Germans flew over the Soviet army when WWII ended. In summer 2015, two amateur explorers Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter claimed that they discovered traces of the buried train containing gold in Walbrzych town, Poland.

The claims were attested to by local police officials as well. The deputy minister of culture of Poland said that he was 99 percent sure that the train existed as the two explorers claiming the existence provided clear ground-penetrating radar images of the same.

In late 2015, according to NBC News, a geological search team from a university in Krakow used a magnetic device to locate the buried Nazi gold train but it did not find any sign. However, the radar image did not let them give up. The search team’s spokesman Andrzej Gaik said that six independent companies have used radar devices to locate the train and have detected the shape of a tunnel underground. “It’s so exciting and we count on success,” he said.