After a long contradictory discussion between the Nauru government and the Australian government, a pregnant refugee on Nauru has finally been airlifted to Australia. The woman is in her 37th week of pregnancy. Moreover, she has already undergone two miscarriages, including one in Nauru.

While the Nauruan government stood against the transfer of the pregnant refugee to Australia, the Australian government insisted on sending her to the nation. The woman had pre-eclampsia and her baby was diagnosed to be in the breech position. The woman has been facing life-threatening complications in delivery and hence the immigration department of Australia wanted her to be sent to the nation for better treatment.

The Nauru Health Department said earlier that all the pregnancy cases on Nauru are attended with “due diligence”. It’s earlier statement said that those asking for the movement of the woman from Nauru to Australia were not on the island and hence did not know about the care taken there. However, after the intervention of doctors, who specified the complications of the case, the department had to change its decision.

On Thursday night, the Nauru Health Department received orders of transferring the Kuwaiti pregnant refugee to Australia. The order stated that the medical team of the island could treat the woman but she should be transferred “with priority” if necessary. “We will always recommend treatment in accordance with the best interest of the patient and will not hesitate to recommend a medical evacuation if the situation requires,” the statement read.

Australian Authorities Have Not Commented on Pregnant Refugee Movement

According to 9News, the Republic of Nauru tweeted and gave best wishes to the mother and her baby. The pregnant refugee has a large tumor on the wall of her uterus. Doctors for Refugees said that five obstetricians in Australia have reviewed the case and stated that she is expected to face major complications in delivering the child. The team also included Australian Medical Association’s President Michael Gannon.

Aussie Immigration Minister Peter Dutton was requested to bring the pregnant refugee to Australia to ensure urgent care. No separate comments have yet been obtained from the office of Dutton. It said that it would not give any statement on individual cases.

In 2016, a Somali refugee was transported to a Brisbane hospital from Nauru island along with her newborn. They were in a critical condition. As a result, both the mother and child were placed under life support system following the former’s premature caesarean delivery on the island.

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