Today is National Cereal Day. It’s a bit past breakfast time, but still not too late to celebrate the occasion appropriately. We recommend making one of these treats for dessert tonight using your favourite puffed rice cereal. Grab a box of Coco Pops or Rice Bubbles, your best cereal-appreciating friends, an appetite, and get keen!

  1. “Snickers” Bars With Rice Bubbles Base

This glorious treat includes a chocolate-y puffed rice cereal base and its peanut nougat filling replicates the iconic Snickers bar. The recipe leans a bit more on the complicated side, so make sure you have plenty of time to nail it – and enough moolah to afford all of the ingredients!

2. Swiss Roll Cake With Rice Bubbles Bark

This recipe calls for a swiss roll cake, but you could make pretty much any cake and decorate it with the delicious chocolate peanut butter Rice Bubbles bark. We recommend making a simple chocolate cake and using melted chocolate to stick Rice Bubbles bark around the cake.

Never thought of this before, but @hm_allen introduced us to the brilliant idea of @kelloggsus Rice Krispie treats molded in on of our Bundt pans. ❤️ #ricekrispietreats #bundtstagram

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3. Rice Bubbles Bundt “Cake”

This recipe is ingenious and super easy to make. Just mix Rice Bubbles, melted butter and marshmallows together and press the mixture into a buttered Bundt cake tin. Decorate it with sprinkles, Smarties or M&M’s. Looks like a typical Bundt cake – but with half the effort!

Making this was one of the best decisions I've ever made #marsbar #cocopops #cake #marshmallow #happiness

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4. No-Bake Tarts With Coco Pops Crust

Opt for a chocolate-y crust made of Coco Pops next time you’re craving a sweet pie or tart – it’s way easier than making pastry or crushing biscuits for a base. Just mix Coco Puffs, melted butter and sugar together and press into a pie or tart pan. This recipe calls for a frozen mint filling, but any filling could work!

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5. Mars Bar Slice with Puffed Rice Cereal

This classic recipe is a must for any Aussie celebrating Cereal Day today. You can even use Coco Pops instead of Rice Bubbles if you want a richer chocolate flavour. Just mix the cereal with butter and the all-important Mars Bars and top with melted chocolate.