Today is National Bagel Day! Celebrate the day and dig into these rings of chewy carb-filled circles of joy. You can schmear it with some cream cheese or try the following recipes to take your bagel to the next gastronomic level.

Smoked Salmon Dip: This is a very versatile dip. It goes well with your toasted bagel as well as with your crackers and cocktails. It is also very quick and easy to make. All you need is just a bunch of ingredients and a food processor and you are good to go. Impress your family and friends with this easy peasy delish dip. Recipe here.

Kalamata Olive & Red Pepper Spread: Those who like olives will love this recipe. Requiring just five ingredients, this one is yet another quickie. You can make it beforehand and use this when it’s time to have your bagel. Recipe here.



Blueberry Cream Cheese Spread: Are you a berry lover? Do you consume at least one type of berry in your day? Here is a recipe you will love. Bordering on cake icing, you can choose to add or skip the sugary icing part  here. This one is tasty and colourful, giving you the positivity that you need early in the morning. Recipe here.

Smoked Whitefish Dip With Horseradish: All you seafood lovers, try this amazing dip recipe. It is a worthy addition to your bagel brunch. You can also make it with tuna if you don’t want to use the smoked whitefish. Recipe here.

Copycat Panera Honey Walnut Cream Cheese: Make this sweet and delicious breakfast spread with just a handful of ingredients. All you need is vanilla extract, cinnamon, honey, heaps of chopped walnuts and of course cream cheese. Recipe here.

New York City Lox and Schmear Bagel in a Bite: Get some New York taste in your morning bagel. The recipe is especially for those who miss the iconic city. It is made with capers, sundried tomatoes, onion, salmon, garlic and cream cheese. Recipe here.

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Spread Recipe: Do you love everything pumpkin? Do you love your bagels? Do you like things quick and easy? Well, here is a way to combine both your loves now. This recipe is a mouth-watering combination of pumpkin and all things sweet including brown sugar and maple syrup. Will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Recipe here.

Spinach-Walnut Pesto Cream Cheese Spread: Give your bagel spread a pesto twist with this recipe. It is made with spinach, walnuts, garlic, parmesan, cream cheese and olive oil and of course made by the food processor. You will be transported to the beautiful Italian landscapes within minutes of biting into this delish spread. Recipe here.

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