First there was UFC 196. Then the UFC 200 rematch was cancelled. Now Nate Diaz next fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 202 is finally bound to happen.

The two’s bitter rivalry started when Nate Diaz brought UFC’s banner boy Conor McGregor in a second round defeat by submission. Conor suffered from Nate Diaz’ boxing match and fell for Nate’s rear naked choke.

After Nate Diaz’ victory, the pair still had to settle the score. In a recent appearance, Conor McGregor shoved Nate Diaz’ win as a lotto kind of luck. Meanwhile, everyone knew the victory determined Nate Diaz next fight.

The UFC 200 initially had the pair on the cards earlier this July. However, Conor McGregor had himself pulled out due to his unwillingness to attend to some promotional activities.

Despite the cancellation due to McGregor, fans continued to clamor for the rematch to happen. Thus, UFC 202 scheduled Nate Diaz next fight once again. Hopefully this time, Conor McGregor finally follows the UFC and pushes through with the fight.

To promote the fight, Nate Diaz continues to make his rounds and spread the word about his rematch with McGregor. During his interview at Conan, McGregor who surprised him through a recorded video joked about sending Diaz to replace his guesting slot. McGregor also threw some punches towards Diaz, saying he had enlisted fighters with Diaz’ physique to prepare for the rematch. Slated for August 20, Nate Diaz will have to prove McGregor wrong when the latter attributed his win to pure luck.

With the fight staying at the welterweight division, Nate Diaz has had to put up weight in order to comply with the weight requirement.

Diaz has slowly emerged from the background of UFC fighters. Yet despite winning the first match, Diaz still comes as the underdog in the upcoming rematch. However, his coach Ricky Funez sees Diaz’ quick weight gain as a good sign for Diaz’s rematch. Despite the underdog status, Nate Diaz is proud of it. He is also clearly comfortable in his new weight division. Nate Diaz started fighting in the lightweight category. In fact, Nate Diaz is training nonstop at the California’s Ten Goose Boxing Gym. He constantly spars a young boxer, Juan Funez.

If there’s a reason why Conor McGregor should be afraid of Nate Diaz, it’s because the underdog does not shy away from any match. And if there’s anyone who has to prove, it’s Conor McGregor who needs to show Nate Diaz UFC win was really just a lottery sort of luck.