Now that CMT has picked up Nashville Season 5, blogs and webloids have started reporting about potential spoilers which include the possible death of Juliette played by Hayden Panettiere.

A report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry claimed that CMT is set to pick up where ABC has left off after the network announced the cancellation of the series following four seasons.

Previously, executive producer Kevin Beggs teased potential Nashville Season 5 spoilers in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter as he talked about the cliffhanger of an ending in the season 4 finale. It can be recalled that Juliette hopped on a plane to see the father of her daughter. However, fans learned that the aircraft has gone missing.

There were reports that the ending was supposed to be a happy one, with Hayden Panettiere’s character landing safely and be reunited with the baby daddy. They only changed the ending in the hopes that the series will be picked up by another network.

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But Beggs said that the season 4 finale was the plan all along. “In our estimation, to go with a quickly assembled too-easy wrap-up is more of a disservice to the fans who have invested four years in this great cast and these great stories,” he said. “And there’s more stories to tell.”

Beggs was also quite confident that some other network, such as CMT and Hulu, will order a season’s worth of episodes for Nashville which is why they decided on the massive cliffhanger instead of a cliché ending.

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Meanwhile, Nashville Season 5 spoilers were shared by Movie News Guide, alleging that Juliette may die at the start of the premiere episode. This speculation was also reported by other websites and webloids although it’s likely coming from one rumor that quickly spread like wildfire without the information being vetted.

There’s no release date yet for Nashville Season 5, but there will be more spoilers in the weeks to come when the network and the studio comes to an agreement.