ABC has canceled “Nashville” after four seasons, but the musical drama left its fans with a massive cliffhangers that left many wanting for more episodes, with some even speculating for a possibility of Nashville season 5.

“Nashville” may be done with ABC, but that does not mean that the musical drama television series is no longer coming back on screen. In fact, it has so much more stories to tell that the show is currently being shopped around in the hopes of being picked up for Nashville season 5.

Lionsgate took to Twitter immediately after the finale aired on May 26 and wrote, “#Nashies What a cliffhanger! But we won’t leave you hanging. There’s more story to be told. #BringBackNashville”

Even Lionsgate, who collaborated with ABC in producing the drama admitted that they were kind of blindsided with how things quickly turned out.

“We kind of go one season at a time in our thinking. Our near-term plan is to get another full season,” Lionsgate’s head of TV, Kevin Beggs told Variety. “These kinds of shows can go forever and ever — obviously, that’s our hope and expectation, but we’ve got to do it one season at a time. So right now, we’re all about Season 5. So we hope to land Season 5 and keep talking about this show for years to come.”

According to Beggs, the cast is on board for more seasons. “We have long-term deals with the cast,” he explained. “Bringing on Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz to be the showrunners in the fifth season — which was already something we were planning with ABC — suggests a long-term viability for the show.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that there’s a chance for the show to be picked up for the much-wanted Nashville season 5, as die-hard fans rally behind them with an ongoing petition on, which has now reached over 160,000 signatures.