“Nashville” Season 4 has ended. However, recent news state that the series will likely have a spinoff for next season.

According to Variety, “Nashville” Season 4 had a wonderful finale on Thursday with a major cliffhanger. Theories emerged that the series will likely have a spinoff for next season. However, there were uncertainties on whether or not the TV series will have spinoffs. 

After ABC cancelled “Nashville” after televising it for the fourth season, the team is said to have been searching for new platforms which could scoop the next seasons.

Kevin Beggs, Liongate’s head of TV, said, “The fans and everyone else is clamoring for many more seasons.”

He mentioned that the entertainment company remained optimistic amid doubts on another season for “Nashville.”

He added, “We kind of go one season at a time in our thinking. Our near-term plan is to get another full season. These kinds of shows can go forever and ever – obviously that’s our hope and expectation, but we’ve got to do it one season at a time.”

“So right now, we’re all about Season 5. So we hope to land Season 5 and keep talking about this show for years to come,” Beggs continued.

The Lionsgate head of TV also talked about the new show runners. He said, “Bringing on Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskowitz to be the new show runners in the fifth season – which was already something we were planning on ABC – suggest a long term viability for the show.”

The cliffhanger version of an ending for “Nashville” Season 4 was intentionally made for the new television company to pick up since ABC cancelled the TV show under their network, US Magazine reported.

Beggs explained, “I’m sure we would figure out a satisfying way for audiences to see an alternative ending – but it won’t be as good as the ending we have given them. In a perfect world, we’d be making this show for many more seasons. Our hope and intention is to have an asset that continues to grow for many years.”